Are you truly listening to the opinions of others?

First, be aware of your values

The first and foremost step in adjusting the filter for observations is to become aware of one’s own values. If we are not aware that we are wearing “glasses,” we cannot adjust those “glasses.”

Care for one’s own and others’ sense of discomfort

There is a key to listening to the opinions of others. It is to value the “unverbalized discomfort” of yourself and others.

Ethnography to others

In receiving the discomfort of others, it is also useful to ethnograph them. Ethnography is originally a term from the fields of sociology and cultural anthropology, and is a research method that promotes deeper understanding by putting oneself in the living environment of the research subject and acting together with the subject. Here, please understand it to mean “ to become the other person”.

Seeing oneself as a film actor from the film director’s point of view

So far, we have talked about how one’s values naturally become relative by listening to the other person’s opinions and becoming the other person. If you are able to grasp this feeling, I would like to challenge you to observe yourself with meta-consciousness.

Set up a place where we can adjust filters as a team

So far, we have talked about filter adjustment as an individual, but in improvement and innovation, it is desirable for each team member to be able to adjust his or her own filters.



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