My own story (2): “The President’s Isolation” that I created by myself

The Stingy Start-up

Did you ever consider the risk of failure when you started your business?

A sense of responsibility as president leads to a vicious cycle

However, as the business expanded and the number of employees increased, I was struck by the anxiety and sense of isolation of having to take on the responsibility of the whole business and organization.

The key was to free my consciousness

What I want to convey in this episode is that a leader’s “awareness” is the starting point for company and business operations. To put it bluntly, the success of a company depends on the mindset of its leaders themselves.



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Bunshiro OCHIAI

Bunshiro OCHIAI

Founder and CEO of a training company, Alue | MS in Particle Physics. | BCG | Questing “What is the paradigm for integrating contradictions in management?”