The issues we see are just “the tip of the iceberg”

Outside the box

Here’s a quiz for you.

The key to “Outside the box”

So how can we implement “Outside the box?”

Layer 1: Phenomena

Visible phenomena are the “tip of the iceberg” at the top. The need for improvement and innovation is recognized from phenomena such as failure to meet established goals or KPIs, or the emergence of specific problems.

Layer 2: Structure and background

In the second layer, we have a deeper understanding of the background of the phenomena that are occurring. It is a structural understanding of “why things are happening,” including things that are not visible at the present moment. What is powerful here is the ability to think in an integrated and holistic way. It is an image that captures and organizes the relationships between things.

Layer 3: Mental models

The next layer of mental models is precisely the thinking models and values of people and organizations that we discussed in the previous article.

Layer 4: Mission / Subject Truth

Connected to the “greater purpose” is the fourth layer of mission / subjective truth. As I have mentioned several times, the subjective truth is the ideal that makes life worth living for us, our unique purpose in life. In the case of corporations, it is a concept similar to mission or purpose.

Layer 5: Existence

At the deepest level, there is the layer of “being. In the context of improvement and innovation in business and organizational management, I think it is unlikely that we will return to this layer directly. In a nutshell, in the context of change and innovation, where even the fourth layer of mission and proactive truth changes, what we return to is our very existence.

Multi-dimensional View

As we have discussed, there are various layers to the way we view business and organizational management issues.



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