What is Subjective Truth?

In this article, I would like to talk about what subjective truth is. In a previous article, I mentioned that my initial issue is that I find it difficult to feel connected to the subjective truth in our daily work.

Subjective Truth is the North Star and Compass

First, I would like to think about what subjective truth is.

Encounter with the term “subjective truth”

It was in 2008 that I first encountered the term “subjective truth”. When my wife’s grandfather passed away, her father-in-law (my wife’s father) told her, her brother, and me about subjective truth.

My own subjective truth

I would like to talk about what kind of subjective truth I myself would like to live in. However, as a premise, I believe that subjective truth is like a mass of inner energy, and not all of it can be verbalized. Therefore, the moment I try to express it in words, I will only be able to capture one aspect of it, but I will try to put it into words as purely as possible.

Is it a subjective truth?

There are things that I want to be, things that I want to accomplish, things that I want to keep doing, things that I enjoy doing, but is this a subjective truth?

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